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Need access to a fridge for a while? New to the city or moving out soon? No worries, we are here to help you out! Tell us your requirements, place an order online and we will get it delivered at your doorstep! Have a spare refrigerator? Post it online on Rent/Share, earn money and help people get access!

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  1. Rent Refrigerator for Rent (ONLY IN SOUTH DELHI)
  2. Rent Above 300 liters Refrigerator (ONLY IN SOUTH DELHI)
  3. Rent 90 liter Kelvinator Refrigerator (ONLY IN SOUTH DELHI)
  4. Rent upto 300 liters refrigerator (ONLY IN SOUTH DELHI)
  5. Rent 185-200 liters Refrigerator (ONLY IN SOUTH DELHI)
  6. Rent 165 Liters Refrigerator (ONLY IN SOUTH DELHI)
  7. Rent Deep Freezer Upto 300 litres (ONLY IN SOUTH DELHI)
  8. Rent 90 liter fridge (ONLY IN SOUTH DELHI)

8 Item(s)

Grid  List 

How It Works

1. Select your product, confirm price, location and duration.

2. Communicate on email to confirm order. 

3. One time verification required to complete order. 
4. Security deposit and rent given online/on delivery. 

5. Doorstep delivery and pickup on convenience.